'The Alex Theatre project is one of passion.'

The staging and touring of shows is part of our overall mission of Story Telling. One of the largest cost in staging shows is the venue, however, it is also in most cases a necessary requirement. From the Venues viewpoint it is important to be able to attract viable product to stage, though without reasonably price product the venue cannot afford to invest either.
As an actor, producer and global entrepreneur Aleksandar Vass OAM realised He was well positioned to start a project to understand how to keep productions viable. The commitment to purchase venues for this project would ensure a complete understanding of all aspects would be gained and would form part of an overall solution.

The Alex Theatre project was set up to create a model for compact boutique commercial performance spaces that would not only act as hubs in communities for the Arts but innovative spaces to develop ‘Off Broadway’ productions and innovation in the Arts. The design would have to be flexible and offer affordability in scale and comfort to the audience and promoter alike.

The project was set up as a 10-year trial to develop best practice in venue solutions with our overall mission in mind.

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Alex Theatre St Kilda

Alex Theatre St. K

For the creators of live or cinematic work Alex offers the perfect place to develop a piece, then find an audience ...

Click Here to visit the Alex Theatre in St Kilda. 

Objectives Highlights

Management System

Financial Funding Solutions

Stakeholder Risk & Return Models

Alex Spiegel Zelt

The Spiegel Zelt is an original 97 year old fully transportable Spiegel Tent, which was brought over from Belgium in December 2014, with the intention of touring across Australia.
Click Here to visit the Alex Siegel Zelt

Objectives Highlights

Governance Framework

Sustainable Management Practices

Community Inclusions Principles & Practices

Alex Spiegel Zelt

For more information on Studio E @ The Alex visit: www.studioemedia.com.au

alex studio e

Television and creative studios.


Visual Arts

Performance Arts


Film, Television & Theatre


Design & Gaming

Project set up in association with the Team at Etainment

Studio E



Exciting spaces for live performance, rehearsal, corporate events, film shoots, television studios, functions and more.

Our theatres, lounge and lobby also provide picture-perfect settings for a wide array of events including corporate conferences and meetings, award shows, galas, upfront presentations, parties, film shoots and more!

Theatre 1
Theatre 2
The Studio
The Lounge
The Boardroom
Alex Spiegel Zelt

Designed by Aleksander VASS OAM to support the growth of sustainable performance spaces. 

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Entertainment Services


The Vass Theatre Group is now delivering our entertainment services in conjunction with Hawkridge Entertainment Service in Victoria and beyond.

Our team has had a long and successful relationship with Tim Long the Managing Director of Hawkridge Entertainment Services so it was a logical move to enhance our projects and give our clients the additional experience that Tim’s team brings into our group.
The team at Hawkridge Entertainment Services have successfully completed high profile and complex projects across the Sports, Arts, Venue and Entertainment industries.
Together our diverse experience includes the delivery of a range of high profile national and international events as well as ensuring exceptional design outcomes for venues across the sports, arts and venue spectrums. Our ability to provide significant expertise to a wide range of venue and entertainment demands has been achieved by selecting highly skilled and creative staff with varied knowledge across a number of sectors.

Our experience now goes across a wide range of industries however our aim is always the same, to help our clients to achieve exceptional results!

To find out more about Hawkridge Entertainment Service visit www.hawkridge.com.au

Activating Arts Spaces!

Strategic by Design

Great strategy requires great thinking and that makes our approach unique ensuring growth

Content Creation

We believe in the story creation and telling process. 

From our base in Melbourne, the Vass Productions team embraces considerable management experience in all facets of the industry concentrating on high quality productions across a wide variety of theatrical genres in venues both throughout Australia and Internationally.

Developing Product

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Producing Product

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Touring Product

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