The Spiegel Zelt is an original 97 year old fully transportable Spiegel Tent, which was brought over from Belgium in December 2014, with the intention of touring across Australia. She is one of the oldest original Spiegel tents still operational around the world. Unique in style, the Zelt has all original fixtures and fittings, from the mirror lined walls and stained glass windows, to her beautiful red and gold roof drapes.
The Spiegel Zelt is an enchanting venue with all the charm of a bygone era. Hosting world class entertainment including vocalists, bands, circus, cabaret and festivals of all genres, The Spiegel Zelt is the perfect place to present Australian and International talent at its best.



  • The option of operating standing room only without booths and floor seating raising its capacity to 220 or theatre style with a portable seating arrangement. Theatre style allows for the venue to seat up to 180 patrons, 108 seats on the floor in or around the stage and 72 in private booths. An easily reconfiguration to a more intimate setting for 110 seated patrons is also available.
  • The circular style of the Theatre allows every seat in the house to have full viewing capacity of the stage.
  • The 12 booths can be charged at a premium ticket price and are capable of seating up to 6 patrons.
  • The tent travels in a 40f shipping container which has a series of artwork images depicting various styles of performers that have graced the stage of The Spiegel Zelt. The container can be positioned behind the tent and can also act as part of a fence at the back stage area. The container can also provide additional storage for production or performers.
  • The Spiegel Zelt is fully transportable. It can be packed down in a little as 2 working days, making it a perfect touring Venue nationally.



size of the venue

The Spiegel Zelt measures 12.8 meters in diameter, 5.5 meters in height inclusive of Canvas peak and 17.8 meters length (from entrance, through foyer to back of tent). The following is the floor plan used for our Speigelious and Limbo cabaret shows.


  • 97 year old Spiegel Zelt
  • Qualified Spiegel tent builders for set up and dismantle
  • 12 premium seated booths
  • 120 Chairs
  • Wire fencing which can be used to secure the artist compound
  • Spiegel dry bar
  • Exit Signs and fire extinguishers
  • Built in stage (6m x 4m x 0.3m)
  • 40f themed shipping container
  • Custom made blackout curtains
  • Reverse cycle Heater/Air conditioner • House Lights


  • A variety of staging options also available
  • Bar refrigeration
  • PA and additional lighting

A little background information

Willem Klessens started travelling with Spiegeltents just after World War l. Pierre and August Klessens were both sons of Willem Rik and Pierre are sons of August. The story of the “Das Kleine Spiegelzelt“ goes back in time until 1919. This Spiegeltent, one of two, was built south of Brussels and travelled from fair to fair until the Second World War. During World War ll, no one was allowed to build or operate a Spiegeltent, let alone to dance
in one! This Spiegeltent was stored in a warehouse, out of sight and, supposedly, out of mind.
Pierre Klessens, the brother of August and son of Willem Klessens, who’d already travelled several decades with two Spiegeltents, had, just before the war, taken over one of the two Spiegeltents owned by his father. But, on the first day of the war, fate struck Pierre! One of the first incendiary bombs that the Germans fired, hit the stored Spiegeltent and it fully burned up. After the war Pierre started looking for the other Spiegeltent and found the hidden “Kleine Spiegeltent” south of Brussels. This tent had the name “De Zonnestraal” (“The Sunbeam”), named after the sun- pattern in the mirrors of the entrance.
Pierre travelled with this Spiegeltent until he died, his son Alois Klessens took over the Spiegeltent. Alois travelled with the Spiegeltent until times got bad and he barely earned a living with it.
The Spiegeltent was sold to the Netherlands as a coffee shop on the coast. There she was stored again. In 1986 Pierre Klessens, son of August, bought the Spiegeltent, restored it completely and sold it to a German. In Germany she was built on the Potsdammerplatz in Berlin. There she was used as a Cabaret Theatre for over 10 years, and they changed the name to“Das Kleine Spiegelzelt”. Because of the redevelopment of the new (now current) Potsdammerplatz, the Spiegeltent had to disappear and she was stored again near the Polish border. The Spiegeltent was stored there for over 10 years.