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Founded by Aleksandar Vass OAM, the Vass Theatre Group is the strategic hub for involvement in a wide range of Australian and International theatrical activities from ownership of venues, production, management, national and international touring.

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Aleksandar Vass OAM

While work in the area of cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology is beginning to explain why we value a narrative as a human, what we can all relate too, putting aside the science; ‘there is nothing like a good story!’ Story’s move us, teach us and add value to our lives. This is why we are in the business of show business; a creative challenge where we strive to refine the art of story telling for growth and the enjoyment of all involved.

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Our administration offices at located at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda.

Alex Theatre, Level 1 - 135 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

+61 2 9964 0915
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